Frequently Asked Questions

Palaterra FAQ’s for Suppliers

Are you another National Agency?

No, we are a technology platform created by an in-store tasting agency that allows you to manage all of your in-store tastings and events with an easy to use dashboard.

Do I have to use agencies on your network?

No, you can use your favorite local agencies or find a new one on our growing network.

My territory covers several states, not nationally, can I use Palaterra for my region only?

Yes, Palaterra is designed to use by state, region, or nationally.

I do not have time to train my team or partner agencies on a new platform, how does this work?

The platform is very user-friendly. Our team can easily onboard your team and your partner agencies too.

How long does that process take?

Depends on how many agencies you will be using. Usually, we can onboard an agency and your team within a couple of days.

Palaterra FAQ’s for a Tasting Agency

How long does it take to have my business up and running on Palaterra?

We can help you onboard your team within a day, and you can begin to use the platform shortly after.

Can other agencies access my data on Palaterra?

No, every agency, contractor, and supplier only have access to their data/events.

Does Palaterra take over billing for my suppliers/customers?

Only if a supplier utilizes Palaterra to run a National In-store Tasting campaign. In that scenario, Palaterra would sub-contract with your agency and bill the supplier for the National Event execution.  For the majority of your customers, it will be business as usual.

How are you different than the other National Agencies?

We are a technology company. Our proprietary software was developed specifically for in-store tastings and event management. Our focus is on empowering your company to deliver a positive in-store tasting experience to the consumer and great service and reporting to your customers.

Can I advertise my company to suppliers using the Palaterra platform?

We do that for you. One of the benefits you can receive by joining our network is the exposure your business will receive to the suppliers utilizing the platform. Now you can operate locally and compete nationally through Palaterra!

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