First Crush Tastings: More Revenue, More Profit, Zero Marketing Spend

Data is the key to smarter marketing and better return on spend, so when the First Crush Tastings agency couldn’t find an off-the-shelf solution for real-time scheduling and reporting of tasting events, the company built its own. First Crush CEO Daniel Hernandez led the effort, starting in 2013 with online reporting for suppliers. As the reporting tool evolved into the powerful Palaterra Tastings Platform over the next four years, First Crush saw marked increases in revenue, gross profit as well as other benefits:

  • Total revenue increased by 87%.
  • Gross profit increased by 89%.
  • The execution rate reached 95%.
  • Contractor ratings reached 9/10 for Palaterra’s efficiency and ease of use.
  • No increase in payroll as a percentage of revenue.
  • Zero spend on marketing because all business comes from referrals.

“Our increase in efficiency because of Palaterra has allowed us to focus our attention on our quality of service to suppliers, distributors, retailers, and contractors,” said Hernandez. As Palaterra moves from an exclusive First Crush client benefit to a nationwide platform, “We have seen that when a national supplier has the ability to receive standardized roll-up reporting, event visibility, and one-point billing, they significantly increase their marketing dollars to support these in-store tasting initiatives. This type of shopper marketing is proving to be an effective vehicle to introduce their products to consumers at the point of purchase.”

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