Freixenet: Targeting Millennials with Better Data

After 100 years in the United States, Freixenet was looking for a way to reach Millennials with the Spanish sparkling wine known as Cava. “A lot of the comments are, ‘Oh, my grandparents drink that,’” said Devon Schmitt, Freixenet’s Gulf Coast regional manager. Reaching those younger buyers means crafting a targeted tasting program based on data such as pinpointing where they shop, matching varietals to each store’s clientele, and making the most of customer feedback.

When First Crush Tastings launched the Palaterra Tastings Platform in 2015, Schmitt immediately booked all of Freixenet’s Texas events that year with the agency to get the best possible marketing data. Since adopting the Palaterra Tastings Platform, Schmitt has significantly increased tasting ROI with data such as:

  • Detailed customer feedback.
  • Sales per event.
  • Conversion rate of samples poured versus product sold.
  • Custom sales reports by date, distributor, product, geographical area, or retail chain.

Schmitt can now pinpoint tastings that offer the most return by looking at the number of samples poured compared with product sold during an event. “It could have been a slow day for the tasting rep, and they might not have had that much face time. That tells me it may not have been the best time of day for that store. It gives me a better idea of how many people are actually walking by that they’re engaging with and that helps me plan for future events.”

Another Palaterra advantage is the ability to generate reports on how much Freixenet has invested in retail chains, based on the number of tastings and their impact on sales. “We can take that information to those chains and say, ‘We supported you with ‘x’ number of tastings and that brand is up by ‘x’ percent.’ Palaterra has been a huge asset to me in creating presentations for chains and for being able to better plan my business.”

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