How Palaterra Works

We launched the Palaterra Tastings Platform as a standalone service so suppliers can manage their entire tasting program nationwide with one simple tool for communication, product training, reporting, event verification, and billing. Palaterra also gives brand ambassadors instant, on-the-go access to retailer contact and location information, product stories and images, audio pronunciation of product names, and more to ensure successful tastings.

See the Palaterra Tastings Platform in action. Learn more about how Palaterra works for:

Powerful data analytics for suppliers and distributors

Palaterra can improve your tasting spend by automatically tracking data points like pricing and inventory, top-selling accounts and retailers, consumer feedback, and more—all reported within 72 hours of your event. Use Palaterra’s reports to make corrections to improve your campaign performance, present performance reports to retailers, and build stronger relationships with agencies and brand ambassadors.

Third-party verification for all tastings

EVP logoPalaterra’s unique Event Verification Process (EVP) gives suppliers a turnkey way to confirm that booked events took place as scheduled, check the results for accuracy, and ensure that you only pay for properly conducted tastings—all without devoting internal resources to the task.

Each time a contractor uploads tasting receipts, notes, and photos to the Palaterra platform, trained third-party event verification specialists complete our four-step Event Verification Process within 48 hours:

  1. Match the event receipts to the booked location, date, and time.
  2. Verify the products presented during the tasting by checking bottle photos from the event with the original booking.
  3. Double-check sample and sales data.
  4. Submit the verified event or send it back to the contractor to correct or explain discrepancies.

EVP-certified data is live on the supplier side within 72 hours of each event, so you can be sure that your data is relevant, accurate, and useful as you evaluate and adjust your campaigns.

Smart scheduling and product knowledge tools that empower your brand ambassadors

Palaterra makes it easy to equip your Brand Ambassadors with everything they need to conduct a successful tasting. Everything from location maps, audio product pronunciation, product pairings, history, and images are automatically sent to them. When their event is over, they simply upload event photos, receipts, and customer feedback to the platform giving you one place to access everything you need to verify the event, view the results, and access valuable data in real time.

Streamlined communication and bookings for partner agencies

Palaterra standardizes all the different types of communication about products and events so you can be sure that brand ambassadors have everything they need to work a successful tasting, and suppliers and distributors will get the data and feedback they need for their marketing campaigns.