Here at Palaterra, we’re excited to provide the technology and knowledge for more efficient, more rewarding tastings and events. Suppliers love our platform’s detailed reporting, and Partner Agency brand ambassadors appreciate our easy scheduling options and detailed product insights.

Suppliers share what they love about Palaterra:

“The Palaterra Tastings Platform reports are very informative and really help reinforce why demo spend is so important in the chain arena.”

— JD Johns, Regional Sales Manager, Bogle Winery

“The sampling recaps that follow the events are best in class. They contain great detail on sell-through and customer comments. We utilize their recaps/summaries in business reviews with our distributors and customers and it is powerful.”

— Alan Hargis, Mike’s Hard Lemonade

“The instant feedback provided by First Crush through their Palaterra platform has been instrumental in allowing us to target which events to partner with locally, what type of POS is most effective in grabbing consumers’ attention, who our competitors really are, and what changes to the brand’s taste, packaging, or messaging need to be made to set ourselves up for long-term success.”

— Robbie Doane, Regional Sales Director, Central Texas, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits

“The Platform is state-of-the-art and very user-friendly, with detailed recaps of each in-store tasting.”

— Dale Bishop, Vice President, National Accounts, Duckhorn Wine Company

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Brand ambassadors share how Palaterra helps them work better:

“I like the flexibility of being able to pick and choose the gigs that fit my schedule within the Platform. And usually, there is a smorgasbord of open slots to choose from.”

— Donna D., Brand Ambassador

“The platform provides an information sheet and the website for that product, so you have ample knowledge of what you are pouring. My favorite part of the information is the product name pronunciation. You can hear somebody saying the names of what you are pouring, so you know exactly how to say it.”

— Kim H., Brand Ambassador

“Using the Palaterra Tastings Platform makes selecting the jobs I want simple and straightforward.”

— Vanessa B., Brand Ambassador

“The Palaterra Tastings Platform does an excellent job giving you the tools you need to learn about a product and tell customers about a beverage that may be new to them – proper pronunciation, selling points, price range, winery history, region, taste profile, etc.”

— John H., Brand Ambassador

“All of the information you could possibly need to perform a successful tasting is gifted to you. Palaterra Tastings Platform makes it so simple. The tasting notes are precise, reliable and to the point. Each job is extremely detailed, leaving no stone unturned.”

— Caroline, Brand Ambassador

“I like the organization for the demos and the extent of product information available to help us learn our product. Customers are happy to be able to read the fact sheets that I print and have on the table.”

— Leslie N., Brand Ambassador

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