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Boost your consumer event ROI with real-time, intelligent data!

At Palaterra, our mission is to set a better table for the tastings business—one where it’s easy to gather, share stories, and build stronger connections . We make it easier for brands to reach consumers, for brand ambassadors to host tastings, and for customers to explore new tastes and make new friends—all the ingredients for real social marketing.

To do this, we give suppliers, distributors, partner agencies, and ambassadors the technology and information they need for more successful tastings. At every step, from the supplier marketing plan to the tasting event to our unique Event Verification Process , our technology optimizes planning, hosting, and post-tasting analysis.

With Palaterra, you can:

Quickly identify the products, stores, and markets that raise your visibility and ROI.

Enhance results and correct issues rapidly during your campaign.

Avoid logistical and communication problems.

Build stronger relationships with brand ambassadors, agencies, and suppliers.

Access our library of thousands of products in real time on any device.

Enhance results and correct issues rapidly during your campaign.

Receive third-party verification that your events happened as booked.

Create reports to share with retail customers to demonstrate your performance.

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